This post contains important information that many have been waiting for. To help communicate it to as wide an audience as possible, we’ve divided it into 4 parts:

1) A perspective of what is going on around the planet at this time regarding the teams working on the QEG.
2) An explanation of our findings around the technology of the QEG for the “non-technical” audience
3) QEG Instructions for Engineers Provided by QEG Engineering Artist James Robitaille. Includes; exciter coil, tuning, conditioning the core and power conversion. The information provided here to help engineers has been suppressed for hundreds of years. Please help us make this viral!
4) Our latest QEG video that shows QEG core manufacturing at Torelco, the circuits that convert QEG “raw” power to “useable” power provided by Tesla Energy Solutions, exciter coil details, and QEG tuning/conditioning using the energy from the earth and the atmosphere.

In our last post we mentioned that we felt confident we would have phase 3 complete by the end of July. We are running a few days behind from this deadline. The reason for this is that we are working with the laws of nature and have reached a point where it is difficult to predict exactly how much more time the QEG needs to run while it draws in energy from the atmosphere to “condition” (change the molecular structure) of the core, which is needed for self-running. This is fully explained below, and parts of this process are shown in the video. Perhaps missing our self-imposed deadline is natures way of correcting us and helping us to move away from schedules and calendars, and allowing ourselves to flow in the energy we are now able to harness? We are not sure. All we know is what we feel in our hearts to do, which is to continue to do the hard work, work with others who are helping, make discoveries that have long been suppressed, document them as best we can, and then opensource them. This post is our way of open sourcing all that we have been learning in this process as we learn it. We know that some of the information shared here will bring about many ”eureka moments” in the hearts and minds of the engineers around the world who are working on this with us.

Global QEG Teams

What’s happening with regards to free energy and the QEG? Right now there are engineers all over the planet that are working together to release free energy to humanity. There is “a field” of consciousness around the planet that connects all of us. The open sourcing of the QEG affected this field (or is it, the field affected the open sourcing of the QEG? Hmm….) Either way, right now there are engineers all over the world that are using their own individual talent and intellect to independently, yet collectively, discover the breakthrough in alternative energy for humanity the QEG has provided a vehicle for. What we are seeing here is the theory of multiple discovery, which is the hypothesis that most scientific discoveries and inventions are made independently and more or less simultaneously by multiple scientists and inventors ( Six or more people around the world “invented” the light bulb at the same time; none of them knew about the others. These people obtained inspirations for their inventions from “the field.” The same thing is now happening with those whose hearts have been touched by the open sourcing of the QEG.

We are in a unique environment now of open global co-development without any controls of the system. What we’ve observed so far is a remarkable unyielding collage of energies from humanity. Everyone is excited! There are many paths up to the top of the mountain, yet we are all heading for the same destination.

A newly formed team who worked with us on the QEG in Morocco and also in the UK recently travelled to visit a lab in Spain where an agreement was made with a research group to cooperate on a transverter / energy savings / gateway to self-running device. This is the kind of technology that could compliment the QEG. For more pictures, please go here:

A group in Hungary has successfully assembled their QEG to bring it to resonance:

South Africa – handcrafted winder for QEG:

There are many QEG CICUs forming around the globe:

These are just a few highlights, there are many more out there. Also there are many more devices out there that can create free energy, and many of them work on the same Tesla principles of resonance. Some of the information in this report can help those working on QEGs as well as others who are working on similar devices. The exciting part is that so many are now more open to collaborating with others and sharing their inventions.

While the fear (felt by inventors) around creating free energy devices does indeed seem to be diminishing, we have heard of some reports that we feel are important to share. The world of free energy is filled with some very interesting people and some extreme behaviors (believe us, we’ve met our share!) In the last few months, there have been a handful of geniuses (that we personally know of) who have come up with some useful information that could have helped so many. They posted their findings in forums, were attacked by trolls, and then pulled their information out of the public eye stating “I’m never doing that again!” We have gotten even more confirmation that the trolls that are attacking people in forums, nit-picking over theories, and creating “debunk” you tube videos, etc., are paid by both the government and the energy companies to shut down free energy endeavors.

It’s important that the public know there are very good people out there who do indeed have many of the answers that we all need. Fortunately for FTW, we’ve been able to acquire some of their information privately after they decided to pull their information out of the forums. We are using this information as part of our research to help bring our findings to you.

QEG Technology for the Non-technical Audience

We have learned many things about how the QEG works, some of this in just the last few weeks. So let’s get back to basics. The best way to think of the QEG is that it does not necessarily “generate” energy, rather, it “accumulates” it (this is what Tesla would say about it). So what is it accumulating? It is accumulating energy through vibration (resonance in the core), the energy in the earth (from a copper pole in the ground), and the energy in the air or atmosphere (from an antenna). The vibration in the core generates a lot of power, which then draws up the energy from the earth and also draws in the energy from the atmosphere. All of this power is being drawn into the core itself, which accumulates this energy.

In order to get this to work correctly you need to tune different components of the QEG so that they are vibrating at frequencies that are harmonic to each other, like tuning different strings on a guitar so that you can strum a harmonic cord when they are all played together.

There are 4 components that need to work together to create a circuit that allows all of them work in harmony to accumulate enough energy in the core to allow the QEG to then run itself. These 4 components are 1) the core itself which creates a lot of power through vibration (resonance) 2) the ground wire from the copper pole in the earth which needs to be directly connected to 3) the antenna and, 4) exciter coil.

The exciter coil when tuned properly creates a proper conduit to channel energy from the antenna into the core. This only works correctly with the grounding wire which tells the energy in the atmosphere where to go (thus assists in drawing the energy in).

Here is a simple diagram that shows the energy flow in the QEG.

The vibration or resonance in the core creates energy within itself which then draws in additional energy from the atmosphere. The exciter coil creates the gateway to bring the energy into the core, the earth tells the energy from the atmosphere where to go and grounds it, creating the circuit that helps to draw it in.

Fascinating Findings:

-The accumulation of energy from the atmosphere within the vibration energy of the core will actually change the molecular structure of the steel in the core, and allow the steel to become electrified, and generate additional voltage.

-The energy in the atmosphere comes from the stratosphere around the entire planet, which can be viewed as one big energy field. On average there are 200 lightning strikes per second anywhere on the planet, all of which add energy to the stratosphere. This energy is not consistent, so you have to run the circuit created by the QEG for a period of time in order to collect enough of this energy into the core. Once there is enough energy in the core, it conditions the steel to generate more voltage. The QEG will then have enough power to run itself. This is a tuning process that only needs to be done once, after the conditioning is done, you can remove the exciter coil and the QEG will continue to accumulate power and stay in tune as long as it stays in the same location.

-The circuit that is created when the QEG is in resonance, allows us to draw enough energy from the earth to light a light bulb. This is shown in the video.

After the core is conditioned and holding enough voltage to power itself, you can then pull power off of the QEG and use it to power your home.   In order to do this you need to convert the power that the QEG is accumulating into a different power frequency that your current home electric system uses.


More of what we’ve learned:

Once we achieved resonance, we (and many other engineers) became incredibly excited. This is because there is an enormous amount of power in the core just from resonance. Those involved in energy work can see the huge potential that this has. Our first thoughts were to convert the power immediately from the core and use it to run the motor (self-running). In this excitement we realized we were skipping over gaining a fundamental understanding of how the energy in the QEG works. We decided to take a step back to gain this understanding so we can share it here.

How this energy works has been the great mystery so far. It was what Tesla and Moray fundamentally understood as radiant energy, and what runs many of their inventions. It is the knowledge that has been taken out of our history books and engineering schools to keep us dependent on fossil fuels. It is also a large part of what was omitted from the class that James took with WITTS.

As many may already know from our previous materials, WITTS has a QEG that is self-running, and James took a class with WITTS to learn more about it. A lot of key information was omitted during this class. James was able to figure out most of this information on his own using his own extensive skills and background in both electrical engineering and radio. (James feels that those who are both “power” people AND “radio” people have the right combination to understand how this works.) In the last few months we’ve watched countless hours of WITTS teaching videos to try to gain more knowledge about how this technology works. It’s a mixed bag of information that needs to be carefully sorted through, there are some truths, some omissions, and some misinformation that James was able to prove out.

Specifically, we were missing information about 1) how the exciter coil works, 2) how the energy flows into the core to condition the steel (which you need the exciter coil information for), and 3) what sort of “inverter like technology” they were using to convert the power.

Using his knowledge of radio, James created an exciter coil that is very professionally built and then created a long antenna to go up on the roof that was the same length as the exciter coil. The length of the wire must be matched to the frequency of interest, known in the radio world as “resonant length” and matching the frequencies in the wire of the antenna and the exciter coil is known as “impedance matching”. WITTS told us to “wrap 60 turns of wire around in your hand” and “throw a wire anywhere between 20 and 50 feet long up in a tree somewhere”.   You can see the exciter coil and antenna that James built in the video below.

How the energy flows into the core to condition the steel depends on a pretty tricky tuning process. You have to tune the core to a certain frequency (adding and subtracting capacitors is what does this), and you have to tune the exciter coil and the generator to a certain frequency that is harmonic with the frequency in the atmosphere. (These frequencies are outlined for the engineers in James’ technical section below).   To tune the exciter coil, James was using a hand held radio and an adjustable capacitor on the exciter coil. He turns the screw on the capacitor and when the frequency of the exciter coil is in tune, you can hear it in the static on the hand held radio. It was fascinating to watch this. When he touched the exciter coil, the radio on the other side of the room would go quiet and then get louder making a “wooooo wooooooo” noise when he pulled his hand away. It was at this moment that you understand that you are standing in a sea of energy around you that you cannot feel, but you can hear on the radio. You can also see this radio frequency energy, which comes into the QEG from the atmosphere on an RF field strength meter, (also one of the tools that they use in paranormal studies). The readings on this RF field strength meter show that there is energy coming into the QEG from the atmosphere. You can measure how much of this is accumulating in the core by using meters. This is the stage that we are at right now. We are drawing in power from the atmosphere into the core and letting it build up.

The “inverter like technology” needed to convert the power from the QEG into power that you can use in your home has been generously provided by the folks at Tesla Energy Solutions LLC. It is small, simple and relatively inexpensive. There are several ways to convert the QEG power into useable power, and many engineers will know this. This technology takes the large amount of power in the QEG and “pulses” it out to create a useable wattage for your home. It is comprised of transistors (on/off switch) and resistors to create an inverter that changed the oscillations from 200 Hertz to 60 Hertz. This can be adjusted for different countries. A demonstration of this is included in the video below.

Tesla Energy Solutions LLC is an amazing group of energy experts with decades of experience working on alternative energy devices. They create and source unique parts that are hard to find specifically for free energy inventors to use in the development of their devices. They have a full QEG lab with a team of professionals that are working right along side of the rest of us who are building QEGs. They are now offering QEG parts and kits and a “Trainers Training Trainers” Program.

Tesla Energy Solutions LLC have been some of the most reputable people we’ve worked with. They have offered us incredible support, supplies, and a willingness to collaborate and share our joined discoveries in a way that will benefit so many who need it. They also work closely with Torelco, our amazing core processing company. James open sourced the plans and worked with Torelco to show them the design so that they can process ready-made cores for the many engineers that are excited about building QEGs. Then in a collaborative effort between James, the QEG Taiwan team, Torelco and Tesla Energy Solutions LLC, a new insulation system was designed and Tesla Energy Solutions LLC used their 3D printer to provide the tooling and trained Torelco to create the second generation QEG core.

Torelco for fully processed QEG Cores and Exciter Coils


[email protected]

Tesla Energy Solutions LLC for QEG parts, kits and more

[email protected]

Quick Summary

We now better understand how the energy works in the QEG.  The exciter coil is tuned, the core is tuned and the ground and antennae are connected properly. We are running the QEG to draw in more energy from the atmosphere, which will increase the voltage and condition the core.  This is a process that works with the laws of nature, and we are still trying to determine how much time this will take.  Once enough energy is accumulated in the QEG, there will be enough power to achieve self-running, we are currently only a couple of hundred WATTS away from this goal. After self-running, we have the technology needed to convert the QEG power into useable power to power your home.

All of this information will be included in the updated manual once we have successfully reached self-running. When this occurs, we will immediately open source it upon its announcement to ensure that the information is protected from suppression and gets directly to the people.  In the meantime, the information given here is an open sourcing of what we have learned so far in our ever evolving co-development environment.  It is given freely to all those who can use it. As always, we encourage others to open source their discoveries as well to help everyone in our common mission to bring free energy to the people of this planet that need it.

QEG Instructions for Engineers Provided by QEG Engineering Artist James Robitaille

This important set of instructions includes; exciter coil, tuning, conditioning the core and power conversion. The information provided here to help engineers has been suppressed for hundreds of years. Please help us make this viral!

Please Click Here for QEG Instructions for Engineers PDF

New QEG Video! Phase 3 Update:

This video shows:

-Our trip to Torelco, our core winder and processor. Torelco has shipped many QEG cores to engineers all over the world.

-Our latest QEG re-assembled and reaching resonance with the new and improved Torelco core.

-The generator and antennae tuned to the same frequency, using a hand held radio.

-Tesla Energy Solutions demonstrating technology solution that will convert QEG power to power that you can use in your home.

-James lights up a lightbulb using energy from the earth.

-Sparking the Exciter Coil

-Building and installing the antennae

-Hooking the antennae up to the QEG, and tuning the exciter coil.

-RF Field strength meter readings showing that the QEG is drawing in energy from the atmosphere.

The latest update / interview regarding the QEG and other Quantum devises 20-10-14

QEG Canada Montreal Build
by Kevin Blundell

Kevin Blundell of QEG Canada gives an update about the issues surrounding building a QEG and over unity. Following this he interviews Evens Abellard, QEG engineer, who gives the latest QEG news including resonance in Montreal. This is an informative video that answers many of the questions surrounding the Quantum Energy Generator.

During the first 8 minutes, Kevin Blundell clarifies some of the issues pertaining to the delays and misconceptions about the QEG.

Please contact QEG Canada with any questions at [email protected]


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Show Title:
Episode One Tivon Rivers – “Space Visuals” Engineer and Clean Energy Researcher.

Show Description:
For our debut show Hope Girl interviews special guest Tivon Rivers, an Electronics Engineer and former Navy technician with 16 years of experience. Tivon shares his hands on experience in the field of free energy development, his amazing tesla pancake coils available for energy experiments, and his time spent at the UK QEG build. Tivon is here in Morocco to assist with moving the Morocco QEG to its new location and gives us updates on the latest developments in the QEG world.

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Space Visuals

Tivon Rivers Artwork

xavier4u on November 27, 2014

The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 3 James Robitaille QEG Breakthrough

Nov 26, 2014
In this interview, James Robitaille, the Senior Engineer of the QEG project, comes out into the public for the first time in many months with some exciting news on his very recent progress. We are finally getting some of the results we’ve been looking for!

There are at least 60 QEG’s being built around the world. All of the engineers working on them will want to see this video for James technical explanations of his most recent findings. For the rest of the non-engineers, HopeGirl breaks it down to help everyone understand the fullness of the breakthrough that has been discovered.

xavier4u on February 2, 2015

Vacuum Energy:

Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us:

Brandon West, Contributor
Waking Times

Everything in the entire universe, everything that you and I perceive to be solid matter, is actually not matter at all. All the space around us is pure energy which we will call vacuum energy. Not only that, but this vacuum energy is infinitely dense.

The reality that you and I have been led to believe in is a lie. The only truly dense thing in this universe is the apparent empty space all around us, and whenever we see objects, hold them, touch them, or otherwise … that is most likely due to a gradient within the infinite density of the vacuum energy which gives off a little oscillation of energy slow enough for our senses to perceive it.

Here is the proof.

Infinite Vacuum Energy in Quantum Physics

This is not a fringe theory. This is fundamental to the accepted physics paradigms of quantum theory which deal specifically with the level of the universe where all things are energy, or at least where they oscillate between energy and form. As quoted in one of the most fundamental physics textbooks, Gravitation, by three of the most highly influential physicists of the 20th Century, Charles Misner, Kip Thorne, and John Archibald Wheeler:

“…present day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.” (Gravitation, p.426)

In other words, they accept that the vacuum structure – allegedly empty space – is infinitely dense, but instead of dealing with infinity directly they attempt to renormalise this value. On the one hand it is logical to attempt to renormalise infinity, because after all, it is easier to plug a definite number into an equation than it is to use infinity. But on the other hand, in the world outside of mathematics, to not accept the infinite density of vacuum energy is to avoid a truthful perceptual experience and understanding of reality. On the topic of renormalisation, Nassim Haramein can add to this conversation:

“To understand this

[the infinite energy density of the vacuum] better, physicists applied a principle of “renormalisation”, using a fundamental constant to cut off the number and get a finite idea of how dense the vacuum energy must be, with all its vibrations. The cut-off value used was the Planck’s distance or length, named after the great physicist Max Planck, who is considered to be the founder of quantum theory. This value is thought to be the smallest vibration possible.” (To Infinity and Beyond: Transcending Our Limitations by Nassim Haramein)
The irony of the situation is that when they tried to renormalize the “energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite” they came up with a value that was not much better. Using the Planck’s distance they decided to calculate the vacuum energy density by counting the number of Planck’s distances they could fit into a centimeter cube of space by stacking them like subatomic bricks, fitting as many as possible into that area.

Then they calculated the total amount of energy that was available in that space by multiplying the energy of a single Planck’s distance with the total number of Planck’s distances they packed into that centimeter cubed of space so that they could have a definite value for the density of vacuum energy (and remember, all of this is being done in order to get a value that wasn’t infinite).

The resulting “renormalized” value that they got for the vacuum energy density was 10^93 grams per centimeter cube of space. That is 10 with 93 zeroes after it, an enormous number. But to put the true enormity of this number in perspective, if the entire known universe was compacted into a centimeter cube of space, it would only reach a density of 10^55 grams/centimeter cubed! In other words, the renormalized density for vacuum energy exceeds the mass of the entire known universe … compacted into a centimeter cubed of space (from Crossing The Event Horizon).

Nassim continues:

“The vacuum energy density, or what can be called a Planck’s density, was in the order of 10^93 grams per cubic centimeter of space and was quickly dubbed ‘the worst prediction physics has ever made’ or ‘the vacuum catastrophe’.” (To Infinity and Beyond by Nassim Haramein)

The Casimir Effect

The existence of vacuum energy has also been verified by the Casimir Effect. In 1948, Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimirdevised a test that would either prove or disprove the existence of vacuum energy.

He theorized that if you could put two extremely thin metal plates together at an absurdly small distance from one another (we are taking about a distance of mere microns apart), then if there was vacuum energy you would create an imbalance within vacuum energy (or ‘an imbalance in the quantum fluctuations‘ as vacuum energy is more technically called) that would exert a force on the plates.

By putting these metal plates so close together you would have isolated all but the smallest wavelengths within the vacuum thus creating pressure on the outside of the plates which would have pushed them together, proving the existence of vacuum energy.

In 1948 when Hendrik Casimir came up with this idea the technology was not around to test his theory. But a few decades later scientists where able to carry out this experiment and prove conclusively that Hendrik Casimir was correct, and that there is an energy density to the vacuum. Since then this experiment has been validated many times by many scientists, and it has become known as ‘The Casimir Effect’. This is conclusive and undeniable proof of the existence of vacuum energy which is free energy.

(For more information on the Casimir Effect and on Free Energy check out this great article: Multiple Scientists Confirm the Existence of Free Energy)

Conclusion – Moving Forwards

We are swimming within an infinitely dense sea of energy. It has been proven not only that everything is energy, but also that each and every centimeter cube of space contains infinite energy. If we used our resources as individual nations and as a planet searching for ways to tap into this energy, instead of suppressing new research that has already done so, then in a few short years we could be powering our planet with free vacuum energy extracted directly from the structure of space-time.

No more oil. No more pollution. No more wars over energy. No more needing to work to heat our homes. We could all quite our jobs and have unlimited free time to pursue our passions and contribute our knowledge and creativity to society. We would have time to build gardens that maintain themselves, and collectively produce natural food to feed our planet while we spend our days in nature, following our passions, and doing what we love to do.

By tapping into vacuum energy with our technology and with perception, we can change the world.

Spread the word.

Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. Follow Project Global Awakening on Facebook, and Twitter.