Hi, my name is Xavier Hamer. I was born in The Netherlands (Dutch) and came to Australia in Nov 2010 following my partner into a new adventure. My education is in electrical and electronics which started when I was 7 playing with everything that could light up or could move around. I am incredibly excited and passionate about the Quantum Energy Generator.


QEG-Australia is part of a larger international network. We provide up to date information about the QEG Project to the growing Australian QEG community, and we provide a platform to grow this community and to share our knowledge and project successes.  We also provide assistance for those groups or individuals that wish to build their own Quantum Energy Generators locally. Our commitment is to create the opportunity for a community of like-minded people to share ideas and work together to create QEG’s.


We can assist you with any of the following;

  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of QEGs
  • Parts sourcing
  • On-line community and knowledge base.
  • Networking opportunities and events
  • Practical workshops
  • International contacts.
  • Sourcing and developing other free-energy devises.



Up for a new more quiet motor with the speed control.
To bad it didn't work with the speed controller from the treadmill.
It wasn't up for the task and blown out the speed controller at 1700 RPM driving the QEG.
Just ordered a new speed controller.

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Been so busy, havent had a chance to look through all your amazing stuff till now... I'm going through and liking and sharing everything. Amazing Amazing work Xavier! ...

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well no one told me that it can be nerve wrecking at times.

Here I blown out a capacitor connection, it took out a big chunk of resin with a bang and fire works.
I was just putting more load on the QEG.
Very scary to start up again.

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Rebalancing the rotor. ...

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