Hi, my name is Xavier Hamer. I was born in The Netherlands (Dutch) and came to Australia in Nov 2010 following my partner into a new adventure. My education is in electrical and electronics which started when I was 7 playing with everything that could light up or could move around. I am incredibly excited and passionate about the Quantum Energy Generator.


QEG-Australia is part of a larger international network. We provide up to date information about the QEG Project to the growing Australian QEG community, and we provide a platform to grow this community and to share our knowledge and project successes.  We also provide assistance for those groups or individuals that wish to build their own Quantum Energy Generators locally. Our commitment is to create the opportunity for a community of like-minded people to share ideas and work together to create QEG’s.


We can assist you with any of the following;

  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of QEGs
  • Parts sourcing
  • On-line community and knowledge base.
  • Networking opportunities and events
  • Practical workshops
  • International contacts.
  • Sourcing and developing other free-energy devises.



Getting something. Maximum 2500Volts spark gab 2.5 mm.
32.5 ohm
32.5 ohm
64.7 ohm
500 pF
25 H

0.6 ohm
0.6 ohm
1.2 ohm
623 pF
350 mH

Exciter coil:
45 pF
170 microH

9 x 174
10 x 195
11 x 214
12 x 235

Between Pri and Sec 300 pF

Getting sparks at:
1 mm
2 mm

not on 3 mm

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Got resonance, but no power. ...

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Got resonance, but no power. ...

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inside story.

I've been handling electricity sends I was 7, and was never afraid of it, except for high voltage. I was toying around with the old tv sets and on occasion got some big shocks from the tv sets that is on the tube itself.
Now playing around with the QEG I still have a freight of the high voltage, don't dare to hook on the high voltage probe jet.

Working with the QEG has been a real challenge for me in that regard.
At first everything was working, got resonance and was working out the kinks and the fine tuning the QEG and it's components.

I've been doing this all by myself and it is an ongoing push for me to dare to go forward with the QEG.
With the results I've got so far it was encouragement enough to push myself further and further.

I've been experiencing stage fright all the time, not sure if I was doing it right and afraid of blowing things up.

I'm sure of the workings of the QEG and it will make a difference in the world.

For now I'm at a loss, after a investment of $ 15,000.- I'm now not able to invest a other $ 6,000.- for a new Core.

I want to go forwards and learn from my mistakes.
First I can't do this on my own, I still have a lot to learn.
I want to be with people that are committed to bring a new way of energy generating devise into this world, without destroying the planet in the meantime.
I know now that the QEG is one of the devises that can do this.

Thanks for your given attention and intention.
Cheers Xavier

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